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A Department of Homeland Security Center of Excellence led by the University of Maryland

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Rand, I really enjoyed this WBF. Seems very similar to the notion of RCS. Since attending MozCon, we have started implementing and pitching some serendipitous marketing projects to some of our current client campaigns, and I have to say they are some of the most exciting things we work on. We don't always know what is going to happen or if they will create a huge impact, but so far, most of these harder to measurable projects have been successful and our clients have loved the end products.

Rand Fishkin

The best part is when a few of those do pay off, and you get more and more leeway to try new things, fail, and try again. I think one of the mistakes I consistently made back in my consulting days was to avoid talking about the need to invest in things that only had a small chance of success, but doing so over and over because 1 win could make up for dozens of failures.

Trevor Stewart

Another great lesson to us entrepreneurs that even if your methods are to rely mainly on sure techniques that you could be missing out on tangible opportunities by not trying new and bold things as marketers. I think Rand that as a consultant you probably liked assuring your clients with each move, and the outcome of serendipitous had a little bit grey. Well fortunately your still consulting to all of us and you gave us that reassurance to allow us to keep following our guts, so it looks like you have corrected that mistake!

Max Prokell

I agree Rand, thanks for responding. We have a couple "serendipitous marketing" (RCS) projects about to launch soon so fingers crossed. One very impactful aspect of this is while pitching and working on these projects we have discovered so much more about our clients and our relationship has really grown.


Definitely agree with the concept. Not only is it good for (possibly) bringing in business, but it's also helpful in keeping marketing, as a business, from becoming stale as it sticks to well known marketing mediums and channels.

What I am trying to wrap my brain around is this 20% marketing budget thing. The way I see it, no budget should be spent on this type of marketing until all 'normal' and 'safe' channels have reached saturation (or at least as near saturation as you can profitably get).

Once the 'safe' channels have reached saturation you still can't really set a budget and form the idea around the budget. This type of project seems more like they type of project where the idea comes first and if there isn't enough money for it you save money for it, because you either do it right or don't do it at all.

Ankyrin repeat proteins showed considerable variability among the four Wolbachia strains. It has been proposed that ankyrin repeat proteins may influence the host by regulating host cell cycle, regulating host cell division, and interacting with the host cytoskeleton [ King Size TShirt With Arm Stripe In Red Brick twist Duke Cheap Sale Latest From China Sale Online Factory Outlet Online Clearance Low Price Free Shipping For Nice eJxe1Wu
]. These genes and their relationship to cell cycle, and therefore reproduction, are likely candidates for involvement in host interactions like cytoplasmic incompatibility, male killing, parthenogenesis and feminization.

Figure 3

Relationship of ankyrin repeat domain proteins between Mel, Ana, Sim and Moj. All the predicted ankyrin repeat proteins with greater than 120 amino acids were aligned and clustered using ClustalW. Nine predicted ankyrin repeat domain proteins (A-I) were found to be conserved among at least Mel and one other of these species with nucleotide sequence identity > 95% across the entire length of the gene.

The variability of genome content and synteny identified here with Wolbachia is in contrast to that observed for other obligate intracellular bacteria. Comparative analysis of the Chlamydiaceae shows that the genomes of these organisms are highly conserved in terms of content and gene order, with relatively small differences in the genomes [ 13 ]. This is despite the fact that the chlamydial genomes sequenced thus far span four distinct species from various hosts and cause different tissue tropism and disease pathology.

Similarly, rickettsial genomes have a high degree of synteny and gene conservation with the exception of numerous unique sequences in the genome of Rickettsia conorii [ 14 ]. Although R. conorii maintains synteny with Rickettsia prowazekii and Rickettsia typhi , it has 560 unique genes relative to the other two. In contrast, the sequencing of R. typhi revealed only 24 novel genes.

Wolbachia genomes seem to have little synteny [ 3 ] and large variations in genome size and genome content. This may reflect the levels of intraspecies contact in vivo . Wolbachia are abundant in nature, are able to co-infect arthropods [ 15 , 16 ], and are propagated by vertical and horizontal transmission [ 17 ]. Phylogenetic analysis of the WO-B phage shows that under conditions of co-infection, Wolbachia from different supergroups will share the same WO-B phage [ 12 ]. These factors may promote genetic exchange between Wolbachia species. In addition, the Wolbachia lifestyle of facilitating its own transmission by host reproductive modification may then promote the successful transmission of genetically diverse strains. Other obligate intracellular bacterial genera may find the series of events involving successful co-infection, exchange of genetic information, and then propagation more challenging and therefore less likely.

We are providing accessible programs and educational tools that empower and inspire young leaders
We serve as a voice and a source of action for young people to impact policy at the local, state, and federal levels
Get your "Here for the Long Haul Y'all" tee and show of your love for WV.
Join our team! We're hiring a Fellowship Director to lead our Impact Fellowship program that invites leaders to work, live, and give in the Mountain State.
Seven fantastic fellows are currently in new positions at five innovative host companies across WV.
We are developing and sustaining an activated network of young, talented, and engaged people in West Virginia.

Generation West Virginia

dedicated to attracting, retaining, and advancing young talent in the Mountain State

West Virginia is one of the few states in the nation with a declining population. In confronting this reality, one thing is very clear: the state’s future depends on its ability to become an ideal destination for young talent.We are working toward a vision of West Virginia where challenges are seen as opportunities, young people are drivers in our state’s future, and the Mountain State is a destination for young talent to live, work, and thrive.

Developing and sustaining an activated network of talented young people throughoutthe Mountain State

Providing accessible programs and educational tools that empower and inspire young leaders

Identifying and communicating the priorities, motivations, and needs of the next generation of West Virginians

Serving as a voice and a source of action for young people to impact policy at the local, state, and federal levels

Upcoming events and opportunities

Receive updates via email about upcomingevents, leadership opportunities,ways to connect with our network, and information that impacts our state’s future. We are working together to developWest Virginia to bea happy, healthy place to live and work.

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Make our state a destination for young talent

Invest in West Virginia’s future by supporting programs that improve young talent retention, provide education for entrepreneurs, and grow opportunities through networking events. We can’t makethe Mountain State a destination for young talentwithout your help. Contact us to find out how!

Contact Us
Engaging young West Virginians

Generation West Virginia represents a network of over 400 chapter leaders and members across our 11 Generation Chapters in the state. Through our chapters and statewide programming, we provide access to leadership development, civic engagement, and social connectivity that serves and inspires over 500 young West Virginians each year.

Empowering young voices

The voices of the next generation shape our programming and activities. From professional research to more informal surveys on social media, Generation West Virginia keeps the evolving needs and motivations of young West Virginians at the center of our work. Between our two more recent surveys, we gathered the opinions and perspectives of over 800 young West Virginians.

Impacting policy

We organize young people to come to the WV Capitol to impact policy and issues relevant to their lives. We also engage thousands of young advocates through digital communications platforms. In 2016, Generation WV was able to influence the passage of the Young Entrepreneur Reinvestment Act, Crowdfunding Bill, Uber Bill, and the Brunch Bill and we were part of an important coalition responsible for defeating the discriminatory Religious Freedom Restoration Act.

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Join the growing list of talented young West Virginians who want to learn about upcoming programs, networking and educational events, important policy developments, and more!

Cultivate Community Like A Boss Babe
The Intersection of Work and Heart
Ready for spring?

Generation West Virginia (GWV) is the statewide organization dedicated to attracting, retaining, and advancing young talent in the Mountain State.

(304) 804-6767

Our final output CSS will look vaguely like this:

And so on…

The above code will produce the desired effect but it’s painful to write, and any changes will be time consuming to implement. Instead, we can use a Sass @for loop to make this much more manageable.

Here’s an example of a simple Sass for loop:

This compiles to the following CSS:

We will use a for loop to access the nth-child of an element and add a delay to each animation; increasing the delay as we move through each iteration of the loop.

In my example I’m using 9 placeholder elements so I set the loop to stop at 9 and I’ve chosen an animation-delay which is based on 9. Because of this the animation will have a consistent rhythm and by the 9th nth-child the delay will be 0.5s (half the duration of our pulse animation).

The CSS output of this loop is:

Check out how it looks on codepen:

This is looking nice and sharp. It’s helpful to have this on screen while a user waits for an API request to return. What about once content has loaded though? We’ll get to that next.

Once our items are loaded it would be great if they appeared one-after-the-other, as if in sequence. We’ll use what we’ve learned so far and throw in a few extra tricks to make that happen.

This animation will be different to our preloader because we only want our animation to run one time (eg. when the element first appears in the DOM). We’ll be fading in the .tile element so we need to ensure that it uses the styles from the first keyframe of our animation as soon as it appears (eg. it should start with opacity: 0 ).

We also want .tile to maintain the styles we declared in our animation’s last keyframe once the animation has completed (eg. opacity: 1 ).

The obvious thing to do here is set the animation-iteration-count to 1 but unfortunately it’s more complicated than that.

With an iteration count of 1, the element starts with the element’s default styles, then abruptly assumes the styles as declared at the start of the animation (0%). The animation then runs, but after it reaches 100% the element abruptly reverts to its initial styles.

This results in the element flashing on screen, suddenly disappearing, then fading back to 100% opacity. The issue becomes even more obvious when animation-delay is used.

Thankfully Black Check Bow Front Long Sleeve Crop Top Pretty Little Thing Discount Best Store To Get Clearance Store For Sale vdgkhk
is designed to solve this exact problem.

When set, animation-fill-mode: both will cause an element to use the styles from an animation’s first keyframe (0%) as soon as the animation is applied (even if there’s an animation-delay ).

The element will then use the styles from the animation’s last keyframe once the animation has finished.


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